8 Must-Know Strategies to Increase Sales for Your Virtual Events

The process of getting your virtual event on the path of success begins way before the event really starts. The moment you decide to host a virtual event, your to-do list increases, from hiring to managing your system to getting the word out...

However, the most important of them all is to get your event's ticket to sell and to get your audience to be interested in your product or service.

So, how can you increase sales for your virtual event? Here are 8 strategies that will help you sell your event better.

1. Pricing

It is a well-known fact in sales that flexible pricing and integrating multiple packages influence decision-making in sponsors and exhibitors. Incorporate a minimum of 3 packages and include a "lead or headline sponsor" package.

2. Strategic Email Marketing

Although email marketing may sound outdated and old-fashioned, it is still the single most powerful tool for virtual event marketing.

According to Internet World Stats, the number of email users sit at around 3.9 billion. Think of all the opportunities and possibilities of click-throughs by sending a solid email campaign to your target audience.

Email marketing is an easy way to let every person on your email list know everything about your virtual event simply by using automated email advertising. 

There are many free email marketing tools such as HubSpot Email Marketing, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse,  Sender, Sendinblue, and more for email broadcasting your virtual event.

Email marketing services are both paid and free. You need to find the one most compatible with your goal. There are plenty of free email marketing services. Their free plans,  include numerous integration options, pro features and customization options, some even provide you free pre-made templates. 

GetResponse and ActiveCampaign are some of the best email broadcasting providers. You get free survey tools to keep analytics of your reach and to measure effectiveness through email marketing. Free logo makers, sales funnel, split testings and CRM are some more perks email marketing services can provide.

3. Backlinks 

Backlinks are especially valuable for SEO because they represent a "vote of confidence" from one site to another. They are an excellent means of boosting traffic to your website. 

In essence, backlinks to your website are a signal to search engines that others vouch for your content. If many sites link to the same web page or website, search engines can infer that content is worth linking to, and therefore also worth surfacing on a SERP. So, earning these backlinks can have a positive effect on a site's ranking position or search visibility.

4. Press Release and Media Partnerships

This is one of the most powerful tools in event marketing.

When it comes to getting the word out, who better to ask than media houses to spread the news. A newsworthy event surely ought to get picked up by the outlet’s readership.


Bloggers and writers can give you exposure within their community by mentioning your event in their blog or article roundups.

You could also prepare a press release that contains all the unique selling points of your event. Strong media partnerships can help you reach a wider target audience, improve SEO and guarantee ample coverage of your event. 

This may be obvious, but don't forget to add a CTA that leads the readers directly back to your event registration page!

5. Enable Partners to promote your virtual event

If you are an event organizer you would surely have a community built around your events and brand.

Tap into your local or global community and request them to put the word out. This way you can increase awareness and attract new people.

You can also incentivize their participation by offering discount codes on registrations for spreading the word and affiliate marketing programs.

6. Bring a Superstar

This may sound like a cheap party trick. Needless to say, hosting a superstar, be it from any industry is more likely to attract a larger crowd. More so, a notable personality from a respective industry will certainly open the floodgates of your virtual event wide and maintain the interest of the audience throughout the event.


Bringing together the biggest names in the industry will surely create an impactful experience for your attendees at your virtual event.

Your moderators and staff should be fluent in getting the audience to engage easily for a long stretch of time. Use Your connections and resources to approach an influencer who has a genuine interest in hosting your event.  Find out what is important to them and get them to attend your event to create a buzz.

Make sure you remind your special celebrity guest to tweet or add special mentions about your event. A selfie and a few hashtags would suffice.

7. Put up polls and live competitions

Polls are relatively new to all social media platforms yet still handy when it comes to creating a buzz around events and products. Using gamification techniques such as live polls, surveys and live competitions in your event management software can help in capturing critical and actionable insights from online attendees in real-time.


Polls should be kept engaging, so much so that they make the audience interested enough to know more about your website or event. Create polls and quiz contests targeted towards your audience concerning the latest trends, burning issues and crucial topics on your agenda.

Share them on different platforms that offer to put up polls and engaging questions. This surely ought to help you create brand awareness and the buzz you need to get more people to land on your event registration page.

8. Event Listing

If you want your event to reach a wider audience, free event listing websites hold a mother lode of opportunities.

All you need to do is put together a list of the top websites on which you can share the details of your virtual event. From here, your event will be discovered by event-goers with minimum effort and absolutely no cost. Some of the most popular event listing websites include:

Try listing your event on multiple websites to get the word out. This will help in increasing sales and providing credibility to your event.

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