7 Ways to Market Your Virtual Event for FREE in 2021

These days getting across to your customer base can prove to be one of the most arduous tasks. Tons of questions pop-up in mind, like how to go about the different marketing and promotional techniques...

With intense competition all around and that too with competitors that are ready to pay their way out for the promotion of their events and products, it can be next to impossible to navigate the process of hitting the right audience for your event. 

So, here we are with the answers, to assist you along the way. We have summed up 7 ways to market your virtual event for FREE. Because getting to the top does not have to be that pricey anyway.

1. Building a CMS (Content Management System)
2. Strategic Email Marketing
3. Using Inbound and Outbound Marketing to Your Advantage
4. Press Release and Media Partnerships
5. Enable Partners to Promote Your Virtual Event
6. Free Event Listing Websites
7. The Social Network

1. Building a CMS (Content Management System)

Using a proven CMS that provides all the tools to manage your website or to apply custom layouts to your website or web application can do wonders for effectively marketing your virtual event.

If you want to manage your own website where you can showcase your products and services, you need a content management system.

You can obviously create your own CMS using HTML CSS or JavaScript, building the databases and administration interface to keep your website updated so that the general public cannot hassle with your website.

However, it would be better in most cases to not build a CMS of your own as it can prove difficult to use for the general traffic. It's always better to use proven CMS like WordPress or Drupal that are deeply integrated and have social capabilities. Open-source like WordPress is modifiable and have multiple plug-ins that are very useful, like plug-ins to add social features to your website or to capture leads, even building membership areas to help you get traffic for your virtual event.

My personal favourite is Hubspot as it is extremely user-friendly but has advanced features and functionality to suit all kinds of businesses.

2. Strategic Email Marketing

Make the customers on your email list aware of your virtual event by using automated email advertising. You can use free email marketing tools like HubSpot Email Marketing, ActiveCampaign, GetResponseSender, Sendinblue, Omnisend and more for email broadcasting your virtual event.

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There are many email marketing services both paid and free. You need to find the one most compatible with your goal. There are plenty of free email marketing service providers. In their free plans, they provide numerous integration options, pro features and customization options, some even provide you with free pre-made templates.

GetResponse and ActiveCampaign are some of the best email broadcasting providers. You get free survey tools to keep analytics about your reach and to measure effectiveness through email marketing. Free logo makers, sales funnel, split testings and CRM are some more perks email marketing services can provide.

However, be sure to test your tool beforehand and know the deliverability of the service provider so that your emails don’t land in the spam folders of your audience instead of reaching their inbox.

3. Using Inbound and Outbound Marketing to Your Advantage

Inbound marketing is already talked about a lot, it includes door-to-door sales or cold calling, making a blog, creating eBooks, putting up posts on your platforms and templates explaining the topic of the event. It's highly valuable to any virtual event to spread the what, when, and where’ of the event on every level.

Outbound marketing is also an effective strategy if you are unable to pull customers towards your event registration page. So, you go to the customers instead, be it using advertisements on every possible platform, reaching out to different pages and influencers and convincing them to help promote your upcoming event.

4. Press Release and Media Partnerships

This is one of the most powerful tools in event marketing.

When it comes to getting the word out, who better to ask than media houses to spread the news. A newsworthy event surely ought to get picked up by the outlet’s readership.

Prepare a press release that contains all the unique selling points of your event. Strong media partnerships can help you reach a wider target audience, improve SEO and guarantee ample coverage of your event. Read about Virtual Event SEO: Helping Google Find Your Event

5. Enable Partners to Promote Your Virtual Event

If you are an event organizer you would surely have a community built around your events and brand. 

Tap into your local or global community and request them to put the word out. This way you can increase awareness and attract new people.

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You can also incentivize their participation by offering discount codes on registrations for spreading the word. 

6. Free Event Listing Websites

If you want your event to reach a wider audience, free event listing websites hold a mother lode of opportunities.

Not only can you piggyback off their website traffic, but it also adds an element of credibility to your event. You won’t be alone, however. There are plenty of other events on offer. Only the most interesting ones will catch the eyes of the casual browser.

Your event listing needs to grab the attention of visitors and tell them everything they need to know about your event. More importantly, your listing needs to sell your event to event enthusiasts. The image for your event listing is the first thing people will notice. Make it count! It’s not always easy to stand out from the crowd. 

Put together a list of the top websites on which you can share the details of your virtual event. From here, your event will be discovered by event-goers with minimum effort and absolutely no cost.

Pretty cool right?

7. The Social Network

Harness the power of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to engage with your business community in real-time.

Promoting your virtual events using social media platforms would lead you to attain success. Open handles on all social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to name a few.

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Use CRMs to post quotes of speakers and sponsors in real-time. Snapshots of live sessions and poll results can be engaging ways of getting more interaction on social media handles.

Having a robust social media calendar, filled with creative eye-catching content scheduled to be posted across multiple social networks will certainly make your social media campaign a success.

Another way to go by is to get top influencers, engaging emcees, and superstars on board.

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