Top 7 B2B Event Listing Sites To Boost Your Online Event's Reach

Event listing websites are a great way to reach a large audience. Your event listing needs to grab the attention of visitors and tell them everything they need to know about your event...

There are plenty of websites out there to list your virtual event. We have compiled a list of top listing websites where your event can surely be noticed.

Here we go...

1. LinkedIn Events
2. Facebook Events
3. Quora
4. Eventbrite
5. 10times
6. Eventsget
7. Evvnt

1. Linkedin events

If you don’t know about this already, LinkedIn has a unique feature that can help members create and join professional events without breaking a sweat. This includes online workshops, seminars, meetups and more. You can also put a link that leads to your ticketing or registration form pages.

LinkedIn members can use this feature to discover new events, grow their business and network with the global events industry community.

This is a free event listing website for B2B reach and events differentiated on the basis of field and geographical locations.

2. Facebook Events

One of the most significant features, particularly if you’re going to host a virtual event, is the “events” feature on Facebook. Facebook events provide you with benefits that mail marketing or advertising alone cannot.

By using Facebook, you can also directly interact with potential attendees and increase the exposure for your event. Something which can be quite tricky on other platforms.

You could even boost your event on Facebook through paid advertising in order to further increase attendance, just like general advertising. Still, it proves to be more fruitful on Facebook considering its large user base.

Facebook also has attendees analytics which is beneficial to keep up with the headcount, or even with the number of people who declined.

3. Quora

Quora is most commonly used when someone is looking for an answer. Maximize the use of Quora by hiring writers or approaching people to include information regarding your event in their answers. This way you will reach the audience you didn't even know about.

Using free answering websites to create awareness about your event, its theme, and purpose is the best way to market your event online.

4. Eventbrite

One of the most sough-after event listing websites, Eventbrite is both a ticketing and listing online tool. The website allows you to register users and collect money for your tickets for both live and virtual events.

Eventbrite helps you grow your event with their powerful built-in marketing and communication tools such as event creation and ticketing tools, email campaigns and community engagement tools.

They even have an app for easy access and maintenance, spanning across multiple fields from tech to restaurants. Be sure to check them out!

5. 10times

10times is one of the world's leading business event platforms. 10times drive a large amount of B2B traffic from across the globe. 10times is an excellent place to discover business conferences, trade shows, workshops, global seminars and networking meetings.

10times also has a section dedicated for online events, allowing people to explore multiple online event listings. If you are looking for a free and user-friendly event listing platform, 10times is your go-to website.

6. Eventsget

Eventsget offers the listing of all types of events such as seminars, workshops and conferences. It clearly describes its charges i.e no hidden costs are charged along the way. With an easy registration process, eventsget is a booming website for listing your event online.

7. Evvnt

This is a one-stop resource that features various categories of events such as business, chamber, and social networking events and meetings. Evvnt is a simple and easy-to-use event listing platform for event organizers. Evvnt lets you can choose who you want to target by category and location to reach your ideal audience.

CONCLUSION: Event listing websites are getting more recognition with each passing day. To have a B2B network, event listing sites help you connect with people who would be interested in your event. There are many event listing websites that offer listing services both paid and free, You should be listing your event on multiple websites instead of just one to get the word out about your event. 

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